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It is our intention to provide our customers with the utmost in customer service. Each member of the Lawson team works with one another and with our homebuyers to assure complete satisfaction every step of the way. We care, and our concern is evident.


We want our buyers to be aware of the services that Lawson Homes provides in order to insure that your new home meets and exceeds your expectations.


Our purchasers are offered a pre-drywall/electrical orientation prior to the drywall being installed in your new home.

Prior to settlement, our purchasers are offered an introduction and orientation/inspection with the superintendent that was responsible for building your new home.


A thirty (30) day Quality Control inspection is performed with the new homeowners after the purchasers have moved into and gotten acquainted with their new home.

A Quality Control inspection is performed with the homeowners prior to the end of their first year of ownership.


All Lawson homes are covered by a one-year builder's warranty which goes into effect on the date of occupancy or the date of settlement, whichever occurs first. During the second year of home ownership, Lawson Homes warrants that your new home will be free of major structural defects.

Additionally, all Lawson Homes enrolls each of our homes in the Centricity (formerly Bonded Builders) warranty program. Under this program, our buyers are not only assured of warranty coverage during years one and two but also are offered varying degrees of coverage in years three through ten.